UWW ! The Kids Love Em'

cookieMonstar had a blast on sania's birthday bash :)

happy birthday little sania

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Hey darlings,

Cookiemonstar would like to say thanks for loves and support <3

zex & fiza <3 cookiemonstar became their anniversary gift. YEAYYY !


cutie fatini







*these are our first 10 customers :)

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smells like cookie..

Hey darls, if you feel absolutely drained at the end of your day ? have a try some of our cookiemonstar choc chip to cool you downn. weeee :D

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Wonderful, wicked chocolate treats.

Hey loves, we decided to celebrate our delicious treats with all of you out there :) to have a try and experienced. The everlasting delicious taste of our home-made cookiemonstar.

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The Shocking Surprise !

A few days back, while watching our fav TV show we were craving for something sweet, crunchy and delicious to munch! as we were switching back to back all the channels our eyes spotted some delicious crunchy cookies topped with ice cream and slices of fresh strawberry. we were totally fall forit! yummyy mummmmyyy~~~

Since then, we were talking about cookies all day long ....we even dream of having a lil small stall of our chocolate cookies served with strawberry milkshake. hmmmmm

On this one lucky day, without any intention suddenly our lazy bum-bum become wild, Hahahaha ! :D we decided to bake some cookies so !! with a little help from my Hot mama and my sleepy brother our own secret recipe of home-made cookie were baked! yeay !! hihi :) surprisingly it is daymm delicious! we love it so much <3

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